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First TUI Leather, Footwear, Textile and Garment Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean

Under the slogan “leather, clothing, textile and footwear workers, united!” The first meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean of the international trade union of our branches was held. With the presence of comrades and trade union organizations from Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Haiti, El Salvador and Paraguay, after a fruitful exchange, a series of measures were approved to strengthen the organization and refine the policy of the TUI TEXGAL.

Our Secretary General, Ernesto Trigo, gave the opening greeting as President of TUI TEXGAL and also the Secretary General of the WFTU Pambis Kyritsis gave a message of solidarity for TUI TEXGAL.

The meeting approved, among other things, the struggle for the reduction of the working day without wage reductions and the deepening of the struggles for gender equality.

In an internationalist and deeply working day, debates and ideas were present leaving us with concrete tasks for the coming months.

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