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For failure of Coca-Cola, Workers Restarted the Hunger Strike

On November 4, the workers who were on Hunger Strike in Bucaramanga and Medellin, by believing in the word of the representatives of the administration of Coca-Cola, which pledged before the Deputy minister of Labour to give samples of good-will for the labour dispute of workers of Coca Cola, ended the Hunger Strike that had started on 31 October 2016, as the multinational company is committed to meet with Sinaltrainal on the 11th of the same month and year, to agree the methodology of the national and regional meetings where they would discuss the agenda of the problem job presented by the trade union organization and thus to give a definitive solution, the same! orally committed to protect the life and integrity of the workers, respect the right of association and freedom of association, in addition and at the request of the same Ministry, the company undertook to erect two releases which at that time were in the process of Santa Marta and Bucaramanga. But to the surprise of all, at the end of the hunger strike, Coca Cola called disclaimers to the workers and leaders of Sinaltrainal Juan Manuel Concha, Alvaro Navarro, Alexander Corner, and Javier Correa, for taking part in the protest in front of the Coca Cola bottling plant in Bucaramanga, the 3rd day of November in support of the workers who were on a hunger strike. 

Additional to the coup treacherous done to the workers after ending the hunger strike, the multinational Coca Cola and their front men, are in violation of the due process established in the CCTV to effects of called upon to discharge and before the rush to make such notifications of these disciplinary procedures to employees within the legal terms, reported, and left sealed envelopes with documents in stores, they looked to the workers in their houses, placed to the company’s employees as witnesses to fabricate testimony, to justify their black intentions of punishing the workers through layoffs and thus suppress the right to protest, even to the extent of having  finished the diligence of disclaimers worker Alvaro Navarro, without having accepted the witnesses of the worker, subsequently, and outside of legal terms, Coca-Cola cited by separate witnesses to sign the minutes of his testimony.

To the list of things to you, Coca-Cola commits another violation of due process, as it attempted to deliver to Leonardo Castro, a worker at the multinational company in Cucuta and leader of Sinaltrainal, the letter of dismissal of the worker Alvaro Navarro, will be effective if it manages to remove the legal protection that has the worker for their health problems. 

We demand the intervention of the competent authorities to stop the abuses of the Multinational Coca Cola in Colombia, is obliged to respect the right of Association, freedom of association, to cease its policy of persecution of trade unionists and their workers, which is required to protect the life and integrity of workers and their families under threat of death, to revoke the illegal disciplinary proceedings and denying their intentions to lift the immunity law and did not dismiss the worker Alvaro Navarro, which penalizes the violation of the CCTV and the right to due process, that respects the Rights of workers who are sick of diabetes and allows them to consume natural juices and maintain a healthy diet within the restaurant that works to the interior of Coca-Cola, we demand that you take responsibility to ensure all medical attention necessary to the worker! Andrés Olivar, a leader of Sinaltrainal in Bogotá, who is seriously ill and do not continue pressing to accept to renounce his employment contract in exchange of bad economic agreements, which will solve the problems of environmental pollution generated by the company, and in particular the smells stinker that they should support the workers when they consume the food within the Coca Cola bottling plant in Bucaramanga, which is repaid in a timely fashion the wages of all workers, pay correctly the inabilities of the workers who are sick, among others.

We ask for the solidarity immediately sent notes to: Mr. CARLOS DUEÑAS, Vice president of Human Resources of Coca-Cola FEMSA, [email protected] – with a copy to Sinaltrainal [email protected]

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