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FRANCE: Trade Union Organisations Call For Protest on October 13

From CGT

After the transition to pension reform, purchasing power and the increase in wages, pensions and minimum social benefits are still the priority demands for the world of work. The trade union calls for the mobilization on 13 October against austerity, for wages and gender equality.

Better wealth sharing is imperative

As profits explode in most large companies, avec 25,000 additional millionaires between 2021 and 2022, France becomes a world bronze medal and stands out from other European countries where their numbers are decreasing, more than ever a better sharing of the wealth produced is imperative.

One-off measures, which are mostly financed by the State, are insufficient to meet inflation and the increase in costs such as energy, food, housing, etc.

Inter-union organizations together reaffirm that this subject requires an increase in SMIC and wage policies in the branches, enterprises and the civil service.

Employers must open wage negotiations at all levels.

This better distribution of wealth for the benefit of employees is also a powerful lever for action to combat inequalities, particularly between women and men.

This year again, the summer highlighted the dramatic consequences of climate change, with record temperatures around the world, and the need for a socially just ecological transition.

The impacts of this just ecological transition are manifold and concern activities, working conditions, occupations, jobs, skills and skills.

To meet this major challenge, immediate solutions must now be provided, impact assessments and the necessary investments must be secured, the employment of workers and combine them with the choices that affect them. Instead, the weakening of the industry continues under pressure from shareholders.

The PLF (Brumps Bill) and the PLFSS (Social Security Finance Bill) in preparation must be up to the challenges of the period and tomorrow and must be the bearers of social justice.

The conditionality of the EUR 150 to 200 billion a year of aid to companies needs to be discussed.

The PLF and PLFSS must strengthen our public services, starting with hospital, school, higher education and research…

The forthcoming national negotiations, particularly on supplementary pensions and unemployment insurance, in the coming months will be crucial to creating and strengthening the social rights of workers. There is an urgent need to respond to the democratic aspirations of workers for better collective representation by returning to the Labour Orders and the Civil Service Transformation Act.

A European-wide struggle.

The organisations of the trade union, together with the European trade union movement, are mobilised for solidarity, the just ecological transition and against austerity policies.

The CGT and all these organisations call for a day of mobilization and demonstration on Friday 13 October 2023 against austerity and for higher salaries, pensions and gender equality.

For the CGT, the government urgently needs to make other political and social choices to meet the needs of the population, particularly in terms of wage increases and employment.

The CGT has grouped them together in its 100 proposals to protect and improve the lives of employees published before the summer.

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