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GREECE: New employers’ crime in Perama Shipyards-1 worker killed-Immediate Strike response of the Workers

The government and employers have again painted the Shipbuilding Zone with the blood of workers, in a new premeditated crime that took place on Monday afternoon on a ship under repair.

The result was one 47-year-old worker dead and two seriously injured.The worker who left his home and family yesterday safe and sound to return to the coffin is Giannis Nomikos. He leaves behind a son 22 years old and a daughter 13 years old.

Together with his colleagues they were dismantling the propeller of the passenger – cargo ship “ASTERION ll” of “ANEK Company”, which is being lifted into one of COSCO’s floating tanks. One of the propeller blades came off the hook, crushing the workers. Giannis Nomikos was taken to the hospital where he was simply pronounced dead, while of the two injured, are still in hospital.

In immediate response, a 24-hour strike is being held today, May 30, by metalworkers following the decision by the Attica Metal and Shipbuilding Industry Union.

The workers since early morning rallied at the shipyards in hundreds. Among them the wife of the killed worker. The workers decided the escalation of the Strike, with continuation for the next day and immediate protest to the nearby Ministry of Maritime.

The massive workers’ protest broke the blockade the Ministry gates and raised black banners at the Ministry condemning the Government’s responsibilities for this new crime.

The Union had recently denounced the lack of Safety measures in the shipyards, stating

“pressure for more work, for faster delivery of each ship… leads daily to minor or major accidents in the shipyards …a situation that will mathematically lead to more tragic events”

PAME stated:  No more workers’ blood for the profits of the bosses!

PAME expresses its deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of the 47-year-old worker who lost his life at the shipyards in Perama.

2 more of our colleagues were seriously injured and are hospitalised. From the very first moment the Metal Union of Attica and the Shipbuilding Industry of Greece as well as a delegation of the PAME Secretariat have been on the spot.

Only in the last month we count dead and wounded in the shipyards of Elefsina, in the Syros shipyards, in the Spanoupoulos shipyards.

While the government was celebrating and organising fiestas, and Minister was provoking by talking about “smiling faces”, the workers were fighting against undeclared and uninsured work, for measures to protect the lives and safety of workers in Perama, Skaramanga, Elefsina and Syros.

We will not count dead for their profits!

We will not turn our workplaces into the valleys of the Tempi!

We strengthen the struggle for health and safety measures in the workplace!

Make those responsible pay!

The workers themselves, with the Metalworkers’ Union give an immediate answer!

We call on the trade unions to take immediate initiatives of solidarity and support for the workers in shipbuilding!

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