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ITALY: It is Time for Struggles: May 26 General Strike, the Meloni Government Must Go

Millions of workers for thirty years have witnessed the reduction of their purchasing power by about 12 percent, as reported by the International Labour Organization (ILO), an international body that actively collaborates with CGIL CISL and UIL.

Millions of workers suffer from the constant worsening of working conditions between precariousness, flexibility, increase in productivity and work rhythms, mandatory part time, Jobs Act, indiscriminate dismissals, and worse working safety conditions.

Millions of workers have seen their wages set, by national contracts signed too kindly, below 7 euros gross per hour.

Millions of workers have seen the social rights provided for by our constitutional charter, the right to health, the right to housing, the right to public education, the right to public transport and efficient.

Faced with this dramatic social condition, while in France, Portugal, Germany, England, Greece, the protest flares up and a season of great mobilizations was started, with a triumphant joint statement the secretariats general of CGIL CISL and UIL launched the challenge to the Meloni government: three initiatives between April and May, not in Rome against the government, but interregional initiatives in Bologna, in Milan, in Naples.

Just to not disturb the right-wing government too much in the history of our Republic…

No strike, not even an hour, just farce mobilizations to reassure the government and allow it to continue its policies of attack on working conditions.

USB, conflictual, confederal union, always on the side of workers in a significant and participated conference on wages, and after bringing together the governing bodies indicates the only possible way and answer:


indicating a platform that can be summarized in the slogan



Faced with the neoliberal policies carried out by the European Union and represented in Italy first by the Draghi government and today in continuity by the Meloni government, it is immediately necessary to tune in with that season of general strikes and street demonstrations that are crossing the other countries of Europe.

Facade initiatives and farce mobilizations not only are not needed but are harmful for those who have been waiting for credible answers for too many years to the progressive worsening of their living conditions.

Unione Sindacale di Base – National Confederation

Rome 6 April 2023

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