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ITALY: USB Demonstrates in Rome, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Naples in Solidarity with the French People’s Struggle Against Macron Pensions Reform

Accepting the invitation of the World Trade Union Federation to show solidarity with the French workers in struggle, the Union of Basic Trade Unions called for mobilisations, presences and flashmobs near the transalpine representations in Italy today, on the day of yet another general strike promoted by all French trade union organisations.

Initiatives were held in Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Naples, as well as in Rome, where a crowded garrison took place under the windows of the French ambassador in Piazza Farnese.

The Italian workers in the square were joined by numerous French citizens – including many young people – with placards against the pension reform and against the anti-democratic methods of Macron, who used an expedient, Article 49-3 of the French Constitution, to pass his law without going through Parliament.

A delegation of USB is in Paris today to take part in the general strike procession and to bring the greetings of Italian workers to the great struggle underway with the hope that, together with the strikes taking place in England, Greece, Portugal and the rest of Europe, a new phase of general conflict will be brought about, adjusted to the seriousness of the anti-grassroots measures that the various governments are taking in obedience to the indications of the European Union.


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