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ITALY: USB May 1st, Everyone in the Streets for Wages and Against the War!

The decision to convene a Council of Ministers on the date of May 1st to announce the cancellation of the Citizenship Income, more freedom to companies in the use of futures contracts and a new cut to the tax wedge constitutes a real provocation towards the whole movement of workers.

The increase in precariousness is peddled as a “work policy”, just as the shame of the Cutro Decree a few days ago was smuggled as a measure to support women’s work.

The abolition of rent support, on the other hand, did not even justify it: they just took it off. Through the shameless use of lies, the Meloni government tries to tell us a reality that does not exist.

But May Day is a symbolic day and use it to affirm a narrative inspired by Mussolini’s rhetoric and aimed at hiding the conditions of exploitation and low wages, which are the dramatic fact we are experiencing, is an insidious operation as well as despicable.

This government is respecting all the diktats of the European Union in terms of social and labour policies, as well as fully aligned with US demands on support for the war in Ukraine. But he is not satisfied, he wants to introduce his reading of the world and to do so he is forced to recover the culture from which he comes, which is that of the twentieth century.

This is why May Day takes on a particular value this year: to take to the streets to claim the increase in wages and the no to war, dry and unconditional, is also a defense of our history and the independent point of view of the workers’ movement of the world.

It is the net rejection of the toxic message that the government spreads to divide society, putting workers against income earners and Italian workers against foreign ones.

The USB is committed to promoting events and initiatives in many squares of the country. May Day is our Feast, we do not allow the government to dirty it with its lies.

Unione Sindacale di Base

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