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ITALY: USB Stands With French Workers Fighting to Defend Pensions and Wages

The Unione Sindacale di Base (USB) Italy welcomes the workers on strike on Thursday, January 19 against the reform of the Macron government’s pension system.

In line with the directives of the European Union to reduce the costs of pension systems of the various countries also in France, the age of pension is being extended, of increasing the necessary contribution period and reducing the amount. All this is not justified by the economic situation but by the need to move resources from welfare to expenses for armaments and to support the European Union in the inter-imperialist competition.

The USB supports and shares the platform of struggle on which it has been convened jointly by all the French trade unions the general strike and the day of mobilization throughout France.

In Italy, where the yellow trade unions have prevented strikes and mobilizations from being held to reject pension reforms. Despite the struggles and strikes organized by the USB and grassroots organizations, they have gone through the approval of the cooperative unions belonging to the ETUC and today the condition of workers and pensioners has worsened: the retirement age is set at 67 years and will automatically increase to the increase in the number of collaborative unions belonging to the ETUC and today the condition of the pensions has worsened.the minimum pension does not reach 600 euros per month. Poverty is rampant among the elderly, among the precarious, among women.

Even in Italy as in France the reform was motivated by non-existent economic needs, but the real goal was to dismantle the public social security system in order to make private pensions affirmed through social security funds managed jointly by employers and yellow unions.

Your struggle is our struggle
Hands off pensions
We reject the diktats of the European Union.

Unione Sindacale di Base

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