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Nabisco Strike deal!

On August 10th, 2021, 200 workers at the Nabisco Bakery in Portland walked out. It sparked a nationwide strike from other Nabisco factories around the country.

The strike lead to a deal made on September 18th, 2021 that lead to a new contract. In the words of  BCTGM International President Anthony Shelton: “Very late last night, BCTGM negotiators reached a tentative agreement with Nabisco/Mondelez on a new contract. In the coming days, the Local Union officers on the bargaining committee will present the tentative agreement to their respective memberships who will then vote on the agreement.

This moment has shown that more can be done for workers power in the United States. This strike has also shown that it can be done no matter what the bosses or the media will say. This will lead surely to future strikes around the United States that will result in workers winning. Unions are the reason why people like you and me have the weekend, or any other benefits. So let’s start unionizing our workplaces!

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