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Nakliyat-Is: Solidarity with USB Union and Working Class in Italy for 25th March Strike

Dear comrades;

First of all, we would like to convey our deep condolences for the deaths in Italy due to Coronavirus Pandemic that has spread in all around the world including our own country, Turkey. We also wish for all the patients infected with Covid-19 to recover and return to their ordinary lives as soon as possible.

This pandemic has once again presented the true face and greed of capitalist class in all parts of the world, especially in Europe. Italy is a good example for this fact. The bourgeois in Italy did nothing to take the necessary precautions to prevent the citizens and now, as we witness with a great sadness, the number of cases and deaths is increasing day by day.

While the countries in European so called “Union” declare their helplessness against the pandemic, the brave doctors and nurses from Socialist Cuba arrived in Italy to help people survive, which clearly proves the superiority of Socialist mode of production over Capitalism.

In this critical period, the working class in all over the world faces the profiteering efforts of looter capitalists. The multinationals, monopolies and bourgeois governments try to put the economic burden of the pandemic on the shoulders of the workers.

Just like the Working Class in Italy and their class oriented and militant union USB fight against those looters in a very decisive way, we also continue the same struggle in Turkey in order to inform the Working Class properly, to prevent the dismissals and to protect the gained rights of workers.

As Nakliyat-İş Union, we once again declare our eternal support and solidarity with USB union and Working Class in Italy and their strike on 25 March, pointing out our determination to reach the final victory in our common fight.

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