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Palestine: Statement of Trade Union Coalition – Palestine Regarding the Current State in Jenin Governorate

In light of the continuing Israeli aggression on Jenin, the trade union coalition demands state protection and solidarity with the workers of Jenin governorate. As a result of the continuation of the Israeli barbaric campaign against Jenin camp and Jenin governorate for the third day in a row. The features of life and the social conditions of the population began to recede, and the lack of much needed material for the continued steadfastness of the people began to recede, as more than three thousand citizens of the Jenin camp were forcibly displaced from their homes in an atmosphere described as very terrifying, and they were transferred to different places of residence that were getting worse.

The Secretary-General of the Trade Union Coalition praised the positions of the people of Jenin and other governorates with their honorable trusts towards their families in the Jenin camp and their assistance within the capabilities and despite the intense military checkpoints. The Secretary-General of the Trade Union Coalition, Muhammad Arqawi, confirmed that there are about two hundred and fifty thousand workers from Jenin governorate who are now unemployed as a result of the Israeli siege on Jenin governorate and nearby areas. There is also a state of disapproval in the Palestinian street for the displacement of about 3,500 citizens by the occupation army. Which makes it difficult for workers to go to their work, whether in the local or Israeli labor market, which increases the burdens and challenges in the face of the Palestinian working class.

The Secretary-General called on all trade union federations to show solidarity with the workers of Jenin Governorate and work to organize solidarity activities to help the Jenin region and its workers in particular. The Secretary General also stressed the illiteracy of the position of the World Federation of Trade Unions and its international members and the position of the international professional federations. And that the workers of Palestine are now in need of a sense of social and food security, similar to the rest of the workers in the world.

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