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PAME Calls for National General Strike December 8!


We demand rights at work and life, based on our needs and our time – the 21st century!

Colleagues, unemployed, self-employed, scientists, farmers, pensioners, young men and women in flexible working conditions and wages-crumbs, do not accept the new barbarity!

PAME calls on all unions, each Federation, Labour Centre, each association, all the workers to decide on a Nationwide General Strike In Both The Public And Private sector on December 8. We shall not waste any more time!

No more blackmails, lies and deception. The new round of attack that has started is predetermined a long time ago by the government, the EU and IMF, SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)and the other employers associations, the parties that voted in favour of the 3rd Memorandum, the compromised trade union leaderships (ETUC affiliates). They want at all costs even cheaper workforce. They want to eliminate every labor right that is left.

The negotiation between the Greek Government and the EU, IMF, ECB started in the wellknown
common basis of blackmails and threats to workers. The results either they take as a basis the finding of the Commission of “experts” or the “Joint Declaration” of the social partners, or the “best European practices”, lead to: The making bigger the sweatshop conditions for the workers, for the benefit of the business groups. The legalization of massive layoffs, the undermining of the –already cut- minimum salary, the legalization of lockout, the limitation or the prohibition of trade union rights and freedoms and new heavy taxation to the people. Also to allow poor people’s homes to be seized and auctioned.

They will not stop unless we stop them!

Our life every day moves backwards so that the profits and privileges of the monopoly groups, of the few, can be increased. The more than 530, so far, workers’ Federations, Labour Centres, Trade Unions, who stepped forward and participated in rallies on October 17 against the anti-people policy and the fight for Collective Contracts, show the way of organization and confrontation that must be opened before us.

We demand:

  • The cancelation of all the anti-workers and anti-social insurance laws of the last years.
  • The restoration of the basic salary, the abolition of the anti-workers’ framework for the
  • Collective Labour Agreements and the reintroduction of the sectoral collective bargaining.
  • The abolition of the new payroll and reactionary assessment in the public sector, the reestablishment of the 13th and 14th salary, the coverage of the losses of the public sector employees.
  • Sectoral Collective Contracts with wage increases on the basis of the huge losses in the workers’ income in each sector and workplace.
  • The reestablishment of cut pensions and benefits.
  • The protection of the unemployed with an increase of the unemployment benefit.
  • To put a brake on the taxation of the workers.
  • To make the industrialists, bankers and ship-owners pay.

Colleagues, workers, unemployed, ignore the voices of compromise and subjugation that are being grown together by the government, the big employers, the parties who signed the 3rd Memorandum and the compromised leaderships in the GSEE and ADEDY(ETUC Affiliates in Greece) that attend
the prearranged “social dialogues”, they sign “joint findings” and “joint statements” with the
butchers of the working class.

We have nothing good to expect from the “negotiation”, the “compassion” of employers that does not exist, the capitalist growth that they preach. Their “development” will be watered with the blood of the children of the working class, who are condemned to unemployment, to cheap work and to flexible working conditions!

No Waiting, No Delay!

We Respond: December 8 – National General Strike!

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