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The French Kicked Off Strongly

Editor’s Note: This statement comes to us from the former General Secretary of the WFTU George Mavrikos

Congratulations to the French Working class and the pioneer unions of the class struggle who swept the whole of France with their new mobilizations for better wages, for labor, wage and trade union rights.

The governments of the European Union are trying to convince us that all evil is “Putin’s fault”. Once again the international bourgeois class lies hypocritically. Capitalists and their governments are trying to hide their responsibilities. The biggest responsibility for high cost of living, unemployment and poverty lies with Macron, Scholz, Draghi and Meloni, Truss and Von der Leyen etc., and all the capitalist instruments in Europe.

The revaluations had started long before the Russia-NATO war going on in Ukraine. Of course, the war makes the situation worse. But the essence lies in the dead ends of capitalism. That is why the anti-monopoly struggle and the anti-capitalist struggle of the workers of France are timely and point the way for all of us.

Well done to the rebellious grassroot unions and class struggle pioneers.

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