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WFTU General Secretaty, Pambis Kyritsis, Address to Solidarity Gathering with Heroic Palestianian People in Syria

The WFTU General Secretaty, Pambis Kyritsis, addressed a solidarity gathering with the heroic Palestinian people in Damascus, Syria, on October 26th, 2023.

The gathering took place in the headquarters of the General Federation of Trade Union (GFTU) Syria and had a massive participation of hundreds of workers from Syria and Palestine.

As the General Secretary addressed, for the WFTU it is clear that the Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people, receive the support and tolerance of the big imperialist powers, the USA, the European Union and the rest of their allies. We will continue standing in solidarity with Palestine, and to condemn the new barbaric aggressiveness, which aims to impose by brute force of arms, the perpetuation of the occupation of the Palestinian land, the colonization of Palestinian and other Arab territories and the denial of the right of refugees to return to their homes in peace and security. It is also clear that today, the need for international solidarity might be more needed and more urgent than ever.

On behalf of the WFTU, the General Secretary assured for the readiness of the Federation to strengthen even more the solidarity wave in support of Palestine. To mobilise the working class against the Israeli aggression, against the hypocrisy of the imperialist states, against the barbaric behaviour and the mass killing of innocent people!

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