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WFTU solidarity statement with the 2-weeks strike of dock workers at the Port of Liverpool

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the militant voice of more than 105 million workers all over the globe, expresses its internationalist solidarity with the just struggle of the dock workers at the Port of Liverpool who follow the path of dignity and struggle, and since yesterday they are on a 2-week strike.

The demand of the strikers is just and is heard from the mouths of millions of workers in every corner of the world: Wage Increase for a dignified life.  This is the non-negotiable precondition for no further deterioration of the workers’ living conditions due to inflation and the price rise. The wave of struggles and strikes in Europe and globally grows bigger and bigger. The workers will not pay again for the capitalist crisis.

We call upon the workers all over the world to support the struggle of the Liverpool dockers and we call the class-oriented trade unions to strengthen the struggle for dignified wages and to actively participate in the WFTU International Action Day on October 3rd under the general slogan:

  • We will not pay for the capitalist crisis and the imperialist wars
  • Wage and pensions increase Now
  • Struggle in solidarity – Internationalism

Pambis Kyritsis,

General Secretary

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