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WFTU solidarity statement with the workers of MALAMATINA Factory

Workers of MALAMATINA wineries factory, in Thessaloniki Greece have been on strike for 2 months now, condemning the abusive and illegal dismissals of 15 workers including 2 unionists by the new company managers. The company’s decision to fire the workers and the trade unionist constitutes an obvious and uncovered violation of trade union rights and freedoms and aims to the silencing of the trade union action.

The international class-oriented trade union movement strongly condemns the abuse of power and the unacceptable practices of the company managers and fully supports the workers, their just strike, and the demand for the full reinstatement of the fired workers. The WFTU demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the dismissal and the prompt return of workers and unionists to their jobs.

The World Federation of Trade Unions calls upon its affiliates to continue and intensify their practical support and solidarity with MALAMATINA workers, seeking out ways of financial support for the continuing strike.

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