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At Italtrans in Calcio (Bergamo), the police brutally attacked the more than 200 workers of USB who have been on strike since this morning.

This is the bosses’ response to the porters’ fight for wages and security.

To break the three months of contemptuous silence or ridiculous proposals such as 6 cents more per neck, in response to the demands formulated by USB (meal vouchers, congruent workloads, adequate performance bonuses),

today came the sound of truncheons, very pleasing to the ears of the bosses and the right-wing government.

We have a message for them: repression will not make us give up, the struggle of the porters and USB for rights, health, dignity and security will continue.

We want an increase in wages, a reduction in the workload, a meal voucher of 8 euros and a guarantee of safety.

None of these things can be put off any longer. We will no longer break our backs in exchange for misery.



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