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18 Months Later: Pittsburgh Union Progress Continuing to Cover Workers Issues Amid Ongoing Strike

October 18, 2022 saw more than 28 members of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette join striking workers as they charged the newspaper for an unfair labor practice. The Post-Gazette (PG) has been in negotiations with the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh since 2017 and after years of bargaining, arbitrarily imposed on the workers new conditions that included cut wages and benefits. Brothers John and Allan Block of Block Communications have spent millions of dollars and wasted countless hours instead of reaching a fair contract with the workers of the PG. This and many other grievances eventually caused the workers to walk out on strike in 2022.

Shortly after beginning their strike, on October 20, 2022, these workers would come together to create the Pittsburgh Union Progress (PUP), a newspaper that “covers the labor dispute and other important community news and serves as a voice for the people of Pittsburgh.” On top of covering various issues, the PUP has continued covering the issues affecting the people of East Palestine, Ohio, following the tragic train derailment of February 2023, even as other news outlets have abandoned those affected. Many citizens following the derailment of toxic chemicals began experiencing health issues and many are still dealing with ongoing medical problems that have been forgotten by most news outlets.

“When the derailment happened, we relocated for 10 months while they were digging up contaminated soil and things were really bad in town. So after it was all cleaned up we got the OK to go home. In a matter of days after returning home my wife was extremely sick again. We have air monitors all over our house, I mean four or five at every level, and most nights they’re bright red. Whatever was there is still there; it’s not going anywhere.”

Daren Gamble of East Palestine

Amidst a strike that does not see an end in sight, the writers of the PUP continue to support the local issues that are important to workers in and around Pittsburgh.

Individuals may donate to the Pittsburgh Union Progress here.

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