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AFRICA: WFTU English Speaking Regional Office is Perturbed by the Sudden Brutal Killin of Eswatini Human Rights Lawyer Comrade Maseko

The World Federation of Trade Unions has learnt with shock and loathing the nonsensical killing of one of the freedom fighters of the people of Eswatini Comrade Thulani Rudolf Maseko.  The WFTU expresses its deepest sympathy to the PUDEMO and the entire progressive organisations in and outside Eswatini for the relentless war they waged against the tyranny of Mswati regime. Without any equivocation, we are making a clarion call to all the progressive organisations not to despair and side-tracked by vindictive attacks apportioned to freedom fighters.

The WFTU will always fight side-by-side with PUDEMO in their quest attain democracy in Eswatini where, people will have equal rights. We are futher calling for SADC to act decisively before it is too late to preserve the plight of the people of Eswatini not unless we are not privy to the inefficiency of the institute. The WFTU is further puzzled by unnecessary delay in so far as compelling Eswatini to accede to the demands of the people of Esawtini to open negotiation process through the dialogue. Perhaps, we could attribute the killing of Cde Maseko to that of Chris Hani where the intention was to plunge the country into political violence before its transition to democracy.

The WFTU as class oriented global federation will forever provide support to its affiliates and progressive revolutionary structures when they are maliciously attacked for unambitiously fighting for their constitutional rights. We will certainly exert anything within their powers even if it means we have part ways with exorbitant scarce resources beyond our means, so be it as long as we can defend the plight of our Allies to ensure their dignity is restored. We are calling for special and exclusive investigation for the killing of the human rights lawyer Cde Maseko and further urge the law enforcement to expeditiously bring to book the perpetrators of this heinous cruelty.

We remain resolute and eager to forge ahead with dialogue that will bring peace and stability in the kingdom of Eswatinin and ultimately halt the perpetual killing of innocent citizens. To this end, we call on South Africa as a neighbouring country to act on behalf of SADC to bring calm to avert unintended consequences including but not limited to political war.


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