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AITUC Resolution on India shifting towards NATO and the impact of Indo – US agreement on Defence in the geopolitical situations and Indian Public Sector Defence Industry and Ordnance Factories.

The Working Committee of AITUC in its meeting held at AITUC Bhawan, New Delhi on the 16th & 17th of July 2023 expresses its deep concern over the shifting of India toward NATO in contravention of its earlier policy of non-alignment and peace. In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, instead of taking steps to restore peace, the NATO is supplying Arms and Armaments in huge number to Ukraine. The people of the world are aware of the NATO crimes and NATO means Wars, Militarization, Refugees, Starvation, Destruction and death of the people. The US, NATO and the European Union continue to attack many developing countries through their discriminations, embargoes and sanctions which has seriously affected the people of those countries.

The AITUC Working Committee is seriously concerned about the impact of the various Indo – US Defence agreements being signed in the recent past. These agreements takes the strategic and Military Cooperation between India and US further. These agreements are to only enhance the Defence Cooperation to promote the strategic interest of USA than India’s interest.

The Government of India and the Prime Minister has openly invited the Arms manufacturers of USA, France and Israel to partner with Indian Companies and produce Arms and Military Equipments in India for local consumption as well as exports. Thousands of Acres of lands are going to be allotted to these Companies in the UP Defence Industrial Corridor and Tamil Nadu Defence Industrial Corridor for establishing Military Industries. Already it is understood that 500 Acres of land is allotted to L&T for overhauling of T-90 Tank produced in one of the Ordnance Factory at Avadi, the HVF which is manufacturing T-90 Tank with Russian collaborations. At present the T-90 overhauling project is with HVF Avadi.

There is a danger of shifting this project to L&T Company. All these policy decisions will have serious impact on the existence of our Indian Defence Public Sector Industries and the 41 Ordnance Factories, which are already under the threat due to the Government’s apathy towards these Industries by not providing work for them. In this backdrop the Working Committee of AITUC urges upon the Government of India not to shift towards the NATO and to continue with the time tested policy of non-alignment and peace.

The AITUC further endorses the views of WFTU for unconditional and urgent dissolution of NATO. The AITUC calls upon the workers and the people to fight against the imperialist wars, converting India in to a Military hub of the NATO countries like US, France, Israel etc., and further urges upon the Government of India to strengthen our Indian Defence Public Sector industries and 41 Ordnance Factories for achieving self-reliance and Defence preparedness without depending upon NATO Countries. The people of the country and the world can live in peace, solidarity and cooperation only if the imperialist and NATO sponsored wars and militarization is stopped for which the dissolution of the NATO is essential.


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