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Andean Sub-Region of WFTU Solidarity Stement with the People and Working Class of Peru

Today, at the initiative of the Coordinating Committee Andean sub-region WFTU, an open letter is being sent to the Peruvian Embassies in various Latin American countries, as a measure of solidarity and support for the Peruvian people following the coup d’état and arrest of President-elect Pedro Castillo.

The open letter condemns the repression of the political-military dictatorship and expresses our concern about the political crisis in Peru, a situation that will be aggravated by 7 December 2022. As well as the rejection of this undemocratic, coup d’état and unconstitutional manoeuvre and demands the release of President Pedro Castillo.

The open letter states the following:


Dear Ambassadors of the Republic of Peru.

Ambassadors of the Republic of Peru.


We hereby come to express our concern about the political crisis in Peru, a situation that will worsen as of 7 December 2022.

In the Republic of Peru, illegitimate authorities are carrying out a generalised and systematic aggression against a majority sector of the civilian population, which has so far resulted in 34 deaths and hundreds of wounded and detained people.  There have been dozens of raids on trade union organisations, political parties and private homes of workers.

We condemn the repression of the civil-military dictatorship, which is massacring a people who only demand in the streets that the will of the people be respected. We echo the demands of the people and the working class of Peru, who are demanding the resignation of Dina Boluarte and the national congress.

It is clear that genocide is taking place, that it is a savage attack against a sector of the population, the popular sectors and the working class of Peru, for the mere fact of having elected a teacher and trade union leader as President of Peru.

President Pedro Castillo, at the time of his arrest, was still the President of the Republic of Peru, his arrest was illegal and the corrupt Congress, under the control of the Peruvian right wing, voted to remove the president from office after his arrest, without even having complied with the legal formalities of summoning the president to defend himself, even so the accusation failed to gather the necessary votes (104)  according to the Peruvian constitution, to declare the vacancy, since it only achieved 101 votes, therefore, the constitution was violated, there was no right to defence, nor was the necessary quorum fulfilled.

The situation is so serious that the government of the Republic of Mexico, presided over by Manuel Antonio López Obrador, granted asylum to the family of President Castillo, who was illegally deprived of his freedom.  The new authorities, not respecting the right to asylum, expelled the Mexican ambassador.

For us as a Classist Trade Union Movement it is clear that this is a political persecution and a manoeuvre by the Peruvian and international right wing to stop the process of change that the Peruvian people are pushing for and demanding. In this coup manoeuvre are involved the unconstitutional council of state, the executive, the legislature, the judiciary, the TC and the prosecutor’s office, that is to say the elites of Peru.

We express our repudiation of this anti-democratic, coup-plotting and unconstitutional manoeuvre and demand the release of President Pedro Castillo.

We support the demand of the Peruvian people for the general elections to be brought forward, for a constituent assembly to be convened, for a new political constitution, which guarantees a democratic and inclusive state, which guarantees human rights and the fundamental rights of workers.


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