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ARGENTINA: Intimidating and Nefarious Activities in the Argentinean Trade Union

The Argentine leatherworkers’ union, in recent months, have noticed the presence of people outside the union, who have been stalking and entering the headquarters in suspicious ways. Also, some board members (including our general secretary) have been followed in various ways and calibers.

24 of March, a man of absolute calm and impunity, entered their headquarters leaving a clue stuck to the entrance door from the inside, only to return and continue on the path in the same direction he came.

We believe a way (reminiscent of the worst times in our history) to leave an intimidating and mafia-like message that seeks to intimidate the organization by creating a sense of surveillance and vulnerability.

It should be noted that this latest and repulsive event occurs after March 24th, when the union in Argentina carried out an activism in the entrance of the union building with photos and reviews of our comrades detained, disappeared and murdered by the latest fascist politico-military dictatorship.

We denounce these intimidating and destructive events, which are part of a blatant fascist escalation that, as we said, seeks to use anachronistic methods to create fear, paralysis and discomfort in the people’s organizations that defend the history, present and future of the workers.

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