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CATH: Position #2 on the Haitian crises

The Autonomous Center of Haitian Workers (CATH) expressed its astonishment that the de facto government led by Minister Ariel Henry took the unilateral decision to invite the racist International Community as a matter of course to come and tread on the sacred ground of Dessalines once again. The Head of Government has taken the fallacious pretext that the occupying forces will come to resolve the systemic crises faced by the Workers and the Masses of the People stuck in the rut of malignant underdevelopment. Since when has this criminal Community helped to resolve any crisis through successive missions, and this, for nearly 28 years?

The CATH says NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. Because, this same International Community via the MINUSTAH (The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti), is the notorious vector of the dangerous epidemic of Cholera in Haiti which has made more than 10,000 dead without burial, it’s been barely 12 years. And, the 1st Minister Ariel Henry did not even hesitate to call upon her to support and protect the hegemonic interests of the global capitalist and this insignificant handful of unconscious people who have been monopolizing all the wealth of the country for more than two centuries. Moreover, we all know that neither the OAS nor the UN will come only to protect the Bretton Woods institutions that have impoverished our beloved Haiti for decades.

The CATH reminds everyone that in its note #1, it has formally enjoined 1st Minister Ariel Henry to find appropriate solutions to resolve the various crises that are shaking Haiti, including the restoration of a safe climate and then return to this inappropriate decision to increase the price of fuel at the pump. The CATH had clearly told him that if he refused to respond to the wishes of the population, it would call for his resignation and his entire government.

The CATH would like to remind the Haitian Prime Minister how infected he is by the virus of dishonesty. As tangible proof, instead of satisfying the legitimate demands of the Masses of the People, the Workers, he preferred to opt for a revolting occupation of the national territory under the boots of the UN and the OAS, which is an affront to the dignity of the People and the sovereignty of the Country.

However, the CATH recalls that any presence of foreign military forces is synonymous with occupation. And, the occupiers will only repeat the same massacres perpetrated in 1915. Murdering the true sons and daughters of the People, exploiting the wealth of our subsoil. The CATH says NO, a thousand times NO. Enough is enough. From 1915 to today, the boots of the occupation have only brought the hell of serial rape on our teenage boys and girls, epidemics of cholera and acts of kidnapping.

While remembering these dishonest acts, the CATH unreservedly condemns this Machiavellian decision adopted by the Ariel government and its accomplices in government. These unjust measures are considered by the majority of the population as a crime against the people. Faced with this dramatic situation, the CATH calls upon all Patriots, the University as the vanguard of the struggle, the Students, and the various responsible elites to join forces to fight head-on the anti-nationalist project of PM Ariel and his Conzé government under the dictation of the imperialist countries.

Thus, the CATH calls for the Solidarity of all the International Democratic Classist Unions to join it in the historic struggle of the Haitian People and Workers to lead a campaign to denounce this unacceptable infamy that the illegitimate government of Ariel Henry has arrogated to itself the right to commit. In addition to this solidarity, the CATH asks them to sensitize public opinion and the People of their respective countries in order to dissuade their government from granting either the UN or the OAS any assistance for the implementation of this decision which constitutes an affront to the dignity of Haiti.

The CATH reminds everyone that Haiti has no use for these useless armed missions that only aim to murder as usual the idle population. Haiti needs preferably Hospitals, University Campuses, Basic Infrastructures, Technical Missions, Scientific Missions as well as other forms of cooperation which can help it to free itself from underdevelopment. Reliable statistics have revealed that more than 5.5 million people are food insecure, while the rest rarely feed themselves.

It is obvious that Ariel’s government is ready to sacrifice everything to allow the decaying system to survive again. Moreover, one of Prime Minister Ariel’s basic missions is to organize backroom elections just to satisfy his bosses in the Core Group. And as it is, only backroom elections can guarantee the system’s continued existence.

In conclusion, the CATH reminds us that a wise man is worth two!
Down with all forms of occupation,
Sown with any government serving this corrupt and apartheid bourgeoisie,
Down with savage capitalism and inhuman imperialism,
Long live the struggle of the Haitian people,
Long live the struggle of the workers,
Long live the CATH/WFTU,
Long live a sovereign AYITI.
For CATH :

Fignole ST. CYR
General Secretary


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