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CATH Solidarity Statement with the CGT of France

The Autonomous Center of Haitian Workers (CATH) is an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist trade union center independent of the government, affiliated to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). The CATH stands in solidarity with the strike of the CGT workers of France linked to the WFTU. The CATH congratulates the working class of France for the historic strike organized on October 18 against rising inflation, unemployment and to demand higher wages.

We, the workers, must stand in solidarity all over the world to build a classist and solidarity trade union movement, uniting against all capitalist governments that have only one objective: to make huge profits through the over-exploitation of the workers’ labor and blood. Therefore, the CATH strongly condemns the unconscionable actions of the Macron government, which tends to underestimate the massive strike of the French working class.

The Haitian People and the Workers are in the midst of a struggle against the Core Group, the EU, France, Canada, and the United States in a fight to prevent the colonists from returning once again to sully the sovereignty of Haiti while continuing to exterminate the Masses of the People, the Workers who are subjected to the dangerous epidemic of cholera while taking advantage of the opportunity to monopolize our natural resources

On this basis, the CATH gives its full support to the struggle of the Working Class of Europe, especially in France. Dear Comrades, Colleagues and Friends, the CATH sends you its trade union and militant greetings. The CATH would be grateful if the WFTU central offices would forward this note to the French comrades.

Long live the struggle of the workers in the world,
Long live the struggle of the classes and the masses,
Long live the WFTU,
Down with all the sellout governments,
Down with capitalism and imperialism.

Fignole ST. CYR
Secretary General

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