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COLOMBIA: Another Atrocious Assassination of a Trade Union Leader

On the murder of Mariela Reyes Montenegro, the WFTU General Secretary made the following statement:

Another sad news from Colombia about the murder of Maria Reyes Montenegro, Women’s Secretary on the Board of Directors of SINTRAEMSDES and worker of  the Quilichao Public Services Company for more than 20 years. Struggler, trade unionist of SINTRAEMDES, a trade union affiliated to the World Federation of Trade Unions.

It is clear that the serial murders of trade unionists in Colombia are aimed at terrorising workers and their movement. Those who have an interest in the absence of an organised militant class-based trade union movement defending workers and their rights.

On behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions we express our solidarity with the Colombian class unions and pay tribute to the murdered trade unionist. The assassins must know that killing trade unionists not only cannot end trade unionism and social struggles, but will strengthen them even more.

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