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CYPRUS: PEO Stands in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The Israeli government continues to escalate its crimes against the Palestinian people by launching a new attack on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank using tanks, drones, helicopters and bulldozers.

During the attack dozens of Palestinians were killed, while hundreds were injured, many of them being in critical condition. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the death toll is likely to rise as the attack continues.

This new crime is a continuation of many other horrific crimes committed by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people throughout occupied Palestine.

The struggle of the Palestinian people has many similarities with the problem of the Cypriot people as both peoples are victims of occupation; the Palestinians by Israel and the Cypriots by Turkey.  The choice of the Cypriot government to align our country with the dangerous US-Israel plans and its involvement in the NATO plans for the Eastern Mediterranean, creates risks for our country and our people. Our country’s foreign policy should be based on the principles of international law.

We demand that the military operation in Jenin is stopped immediately, and we condemn the brutal Israeli occupation and the country’s ongoing crimes against humanity and international law. The international community must abandon its biased policy and act immediately and decisively in the face of the escalating crisis that threatens peace throughout the region.

PEO reaffirms its solidarity with the struggles of the Palestinian people and its firm support for their right to live in freedom and dignity in a free, independent, sovereign and viable state within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.


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