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CYPRUS: Three-Hour National Strike to Take Place on January 26

The Pancyprian Federation of Labor PEO in cooperation with the rest of the trade union organizations in Cyprus will hold  a three-hour strike on Thursday 2023 with marches and gatherings in all cities for the defense of the Cost of Living Allowance Indexation, that is to say the mechanism for the automatic  indexation of wages according to the rate of inflation.

The transitional agreement for its payment only to the 50% has already expired and in the todays conditions with the high prices and the inflation it is not satisfactory and the discussions with employers’ organisations and Labour Minister  over the Cost of Living Allowance Indexation ended in an impasse.

The Cyprus labour movement in unity, all the workers in the public, semigovermental and private sector will send a strong message, that they reject the position of the employers to abolish it and replace it with another system for the formation of the wages. It is obvious that the main objective of  the employers is to abolish all those elements that are included in collective agreements and that form wages such as Cost of Living Allowance Indexation,  and in fact it is yet another attempt of deregulation, yet another attack on workers’ rights and achievements.

The workers have only one option in front of them, the struggle to defend the Cost of Living Allowance Indexation, to   fully restore  it to 100% and to expand it to cover all workers and to   restore the  purchasing value of wages loss  from inflation.

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