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Declaration of the WFTU Working Women Committee on International Women’s Day

The 8th of March has been established across the world as International Women’s Day. The international class-oriented trade union movements worker’s and women’s movement pays tribute to the pioneering women workers of New York and to all working women all over the world who, under difficult conditions, have struggled and continue to do so, for peace, social justice, equality and parity.

The messages of these struggles remain relevant to this day and guide every struggle against the capitalist exploitative system that generates and nurtures discrimination and inequalities. Its neoliberal policies serve the interests of the privileged few at the expense of working people, driving millions of people into poverty, misery and migration leaving aside gender equality, social justice and prosperity. In addition, its imperialist designs are leading to wars and conflicts resulting in destruction and thousands of deaths. The ongoing genocide in Gaza of thousands of civilians, the majority of whom are women and children, is a striking example.

Today, more than ever, 8 March is a day of struggle!

The WFTU respectfully honors this day and addresses a militant greeting to all women in every corner of the world.  For the WFTU, the struggle for women’s emancipation and the securing of all women’s rights ranks high among its priorities. WFTU calls on its member organizations to act so that women’s rights are an integral part of their struggle:

This year’s the 8th of march cannot fail to bring with it a strong banner of solidarity for the Palestinian people, victims of genocide by Israel; a demand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and the liberation of Palestine from Zionist occupation. And renew the demand for a halt to the sending of arms to Ukraine and for an immediate withdrawal of our countries from all theatres of war.

WFTU women’s committee calls on the women of the world to activate a support campaign and for more solidarity and support with women who live in conditions of war and poverty. Therefore, let us turn the anniversary of March 8 this year into an occasion to launch solidarity activities with women to exercise our rights that preserve dignity.

For more women to join the ranks of the progressive trade union movement and its leadership bodies.

  • For jobs with collective agreements, regulated terms and conditions of employment, especially in sectors and industries where women are underpaid.
  • For asserting structures/services/programs to support women’s employment and maternity.
  • For women’s equal participation at work and in society.
  • For the elimination of discrimination at the workplace, in wages and pensions.
  • For safety and health at women’s work and family environment, free from violence, sexual harassment and bullying.

The WFTU, on this occasion too, calls on working women to join the ranks of the class-oriented trade union movement, in an organized and collective way, together and side by side with male workers, and fight for a world free from wars, free from all forms of exploitation, for a world where all the working class can prosper and enjoy the fruits of their work.

Long live the struggles!!

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