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DENMARK: Brick Layers in Action in Front of Ministry of Employment

It is now clear to all and sundry who the government is making policy for. It’s class warfare from above. They hide behind words like “responsibility” but all they take responsibility for is ensuring corporate profit and that the “market” thrives. And it does so at the expense of us. Because while they are removing the old age pension, state social dumping through utility jobs and stealing our day off, inheritance tax is being reduced and a series of reforms are being put in place to increase labour supply which can put pressure on our pay and working conditions.

Furthermore, they continue to raise the retirement age.

They are using war and the Ukraine disaster as an excuse for billion-dollar investments in a pitch-black industry, with weapons bought from the apartheid state of Israel. All the while claiming that not enough money can be found to fix our health sector.

But now we take the spoon in the other hand!

We refuse to pay for the crises of capitalism. The fall in real wages and the government’s attack on our won rights must be met with resistance! We will not accept that we workers, once again, have to pay for either inflation or the extravagant profits of the energy monopolies.

We refuse to be passive cogs in the profit machine of the rich. We want our share of the profits we create and a better future than the generations before us. That’s why we’re ready to fight! At the bargaining table we will not just take back what we have lost, we will fight for it:

Raising the bottom and keeping real wages

To introduce chain liability as a safeguard against social dumping

A reduction in working hours.

There is plenty of wealth in society. If the labour buyers do not want to share voluntarily, we must force them to do so through strikes!

And to the bourgeois government we have one message:

You can flush your anti-worker policies down the toilet!

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