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DENMARK: Construction Workers in North Jutland Hold Funeral For Social Democarcy


It is with angry eyes that the construction workers in North Jutland are looking at the government’s plans to steal one of our days off, and worsen our conditions when we are worn down at the end of our working lives after many years of faithful service. We are in one of the industries that is hardest hit by the enormous workload we have on the Danish labour market. We therefore see the government’s plans as downright anti-worker.

This government is choosing to turn the tax revenue that we pay every day into dry beatings for the working population, and we will not stand for that. Not only that, but this government is led by a party elected largely with the votes of those with the hunched backs and shaved hands they are now letting the whip down on.

Therefore, on Thursday 19 January at 4 pm, we will bury the Social Democratic Party as a workers’ party in front of the party’s premises at Boulevarden 34 in Aalborg. As the good Joe Hill said: don’t fear the future, organise!

with battle-ready greetings

The Concreters
The Carpenters
Crane Operators
Floor layers in North Jutland

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