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Escalate the protests of the railway

A new 24-hour strike after a two-day strike action was held last Tuesday and Wednesday by hundreds of workers in the railway company “Southern Rail” in the south of England, to demand the satisfaction of labour demands and improve safety of passengers.

The development was launched after the new round of the long hours of negotiation between representatives of the company and the unions ASLEF and Southern, which have decided to escalate their struggle and in the next few weeks. As announced, the new 24-hour strikes will take place on Monday 19 January and Tuesday 20 December. Will be repeated on Saturday 31 December to 2 January and Monday 9 January to the 14th of the same month.

Nick Brown, a representative of the employers, tried to tarnish the struggle of the unions, saying that the strike “is not necessary, nor based on serious reasons”. He claimed that cares supposedly for the “suffering” of hundreds of thousands of Londoners using rail transport, claiming that the strikes are causing chaos and serious problems”. He accused the unions of “extortion”.

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