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EUROF – European Regional Office of the WFTU Salutes the French Workers and Labourers in Struggle on October 13.

We welcome the resumption of the mobilisations of the workers and class movement in France, which will be on the streets again on Friday, October 13, with the convocation of all the trade union organisations that had already promoted and led the extraordinary season of struggles against the attack on pensions.

The slogans at the heart of the mobilisation are common and unified for all European class organisations and address, among others, the main issues on the agenda across the continent – wage increases, revitalisation of pensions, gender equality in wages, better distribution of wealth, revitalisation of public services, guarantees for the unemployed, a just ecological transition – and against pension reform and austerity.

The trade union organisations that are members of the WFTU in Europe and represented in the EUROF will ideally stand by the French workers on 13 October, while demonstrating on the side of the Palestinian people throughout Europe.


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