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EUROF-WFTU: A new massacre in Turkish mines

More deaths in Erdogan’s mines. After the massacre in the Soma mine where, in 2014, 301 Turkish miners died, one of the recent mine massacres with the highest number of victims, today a massive explosion, apparently due to an accumulation of firedamp, devastated the Amasra mine with 41 deaths already confirmed.

Working conditions in Turkey’s mines have remained at the early 1900s. A country that aspires to join the European Union and whose president continually poses as a mediator on the international scene while continually attacking the Kurdish people, deliberately ignores any protection for the workers who are the primary reason for its wealth. The European office of the WFTU expresses closeness to the Turkish workers and condolences to the families of the victims calls on all affiliated organizations to make a strong commitment to the defense and protection of health and safety in the workplace and the fight against exploitation.


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