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EUROF-WFTU Stands With French Workers in their Fight Against Macron’s Pension Reforms

The European Bureau of the World Federation of Trade Unions supports and shares the mobilisation of French workers and the general strike promoted by all trade union organisations by 19 January in order to reject the attack on pensions.

In France, as in many European countries, the Macron government is launching a new offensive against the right to an economically decent pension and a just age.

The government has announced the extension of the retirement age to 64 with an accelerated increase in the contribution period.

This measure is unjustified: the pension system is not in danger. There is no financial emergency. The real objective is to force citizens and workers to resort to private forms of pension provision managed by funds operating on the stock market, thereby jeopardising workers’ pension savings.

This government project is not an economic necessity, but a choice of injustice and social regression and is part of the more general attack on the wages and living conditions of workers led by the European Union to compete between-imperialist by making workers pay.

The watchwords of the general strike in France are shared by all the European trade union organisations affiliated to the WFTU: retirement at age 60, minimum pension at 2000 euros, pay-as-you-go system.

Long live the general strike of 19 January
Long live the resistance to plans to dismantle public social assistance.



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