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FRANCE: PAME participated in the huge Strike of Workers of France on January 31

PAME expressed in practice the solidarity of the class unions of Greece with the workers of France in their enormous General Strike on January 31.

A delegation of PAME visited Paris and met with a series of Unions and unionists from many sectors.

Before the strike, on January 30, PAME visited the unionists of the Eiffel Tower, who the next day shut down the monument and participated in the Strike.

PAME, also met and expressed solidarity with the workers of National Theater who are on strike for more than 3 weeks demanding humane working conditions

On January 31, PAME met with the Unions of CGT Cheminots in Montparnasse and CGT Cheminots of Versailles and participated in the meetings and actions of the local unions of Montparnasse and Versailles.

The Unions with PAME massively rallied in the center of Paris in a gigantic demonstration of 500.000 people where PAME expressed its support and solidarity with the big struggle of the workers of France.

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