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GREECE: Big Seminar of PAME On the Fight for Collective Contracts

On Friday, January 20, PAME hosted a big seminar with unionists from all sectors on the organization of the fight for Collective Contracts.

The theme was highlighted in the slogan “No waiting, fight against inflation and anti-workers’ policyy strengthening the struggle for the signing of Collective Agreements with wage increases”

Hundreds of trade unions and federations from a number of sectors and workplaces transferred the image that the attack of the state and employers has formed in their places. They spoke about the experience of the struggle for Collective Agreements, presented their thoughts and proposals for the next steps of the struggle.

Armed with the experience from important workers’ struggles that have unfolded, PAME calls on the unions to put Collective Agreements, the increases in the National General Collective Agreement, in wages and salaries, the re-establisment of the three-year work wage increase, the compulsory nature of the contracts on the agenda of the struggle.

Against the background of the government’s pre-election promises for “increases” of a few euros in the nominal minimum wage, but also the “benefits” with which the employers seek to manage the discontent of the workers, PAME reiterates the demands for steady-full time jobs work, increases in wages, benefits and 3years. In this direction, the trade union organisations choose the forms of struggle, specify the demands in each area and sector, plan their action with the aim of rallying as many workers as possible, contribute so that the struggle in each sector and company can give boost to the escalation of the struggle.

The seminar opened with live intervention through internet from France and comrade Matthieu BolleReddat, GS of Cgt Cheminots Versailles, who transferred the spirit of the Great Strike of Workers of France on January 19. Video

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