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GREECE: Call for Big Workers’ Demonstrations on December 17

No Waiting-We Continue with More Determination for A Militant Uprising

In Every Workplace, In Every Sector, In Every Neighborhood

For Increases in Wages, Against the Inflation & Auctioning Off of Homes


The successful strike on November 9 and the big strike demonstrations that shook Athens, Piraeus and other cities sent a strong message of escalation of the struggle. They demonstrated the workers’ decision that they will not compromise with poverty and freezing temperatures, that they will not die for the profits of the employers, that they will send the bill to the employers and the government.

From the next day we “breathe” better. We take courage from the smiles of the workers who went on in all workplaces, from the strong presence of young colleagues, from the meeting in a human river with the self-employed, pensioners, students and pupils.

With greater courage and momentum we intensify our demands for wage increases, for the signing of Collective Labour Agreements, for cheap electricity and basic goods. We continue from the front line of the struggle, with the optimism that comes from the justice of the demands, from the need for a life, not survival with coupons, benefits and vouchers. We cancel in practice the anti-labour laws such as the Hatzidakis law, we break the intimidations, the obstacles put up by the business groups and their governments.

This is the people’s response to the policies served by all governments that today lead to 7 out of 10 workers having to cut out several food items due to the raising prices. To the unbearable cost of paying for electricity, at the same time that the big energy business groups are throwing a profit party.

This is the only decent and humane attitude towards the vultures of this world, who use the laws of all governments to burst like thieves into our homes breaking down doors, demanding to own them. We are proud because the house in Zographou became the home of all of us.

In the face of antipopular policies there is no tolerance. Nor is there any waiting for those who promise us again pre-election solutions to our problems. Each government takes the anti-peoples’ baton from the previous one and strengthens it. Salvation for the people can only come from the people themselves.

The experience we have gained leaves no room for new illusions. It will be catastrophic any expectation that passively watches developments because of promises, of false hopes of a possible governmental change.

Behind every workers’ problem and impasse, behind poverty, inflation, repression, auctions, war, the cause remains the same and unchanging. It is the business groups’ bottomless thirst for profits! All governments are legislating to increase them, and for the same reason they are escalating the intensity of exploitation and repression.

Only our own militant action, the development of solidarity, our organization can give a positive outcome for our demands and our lives! Only our active intervention in the workplaces, in every workplace can bring substantial results with increases, with real relief for the working people!

We demand:

825€ minimum wage in the private sector, 20% increase in the public sector

Collective agreements and wage increases above inflation.

Steady jobs with rights, no unpaid overtime

Immediate payment of the Christmas bonus to employees and pensioners. Return of 13th and 14th wages, 13th and 14th pensions.

We call the trade unions and the mass organizations of self-employed, scientists, students, women to a rally on 17 December demanding:

Brave reduction and cap on the price of electricity and gas and abolition of the Special Consumption Tax and VAT on energy.

A massive reduction and cap on the prices of basic consumer goods (e.g. milk, flour, oils, fats) and the abolition of VAT on these goods.

No working class and people’s homes without electricity, water, telephone. Cancellation of debts for working-people households and self-employed.

Rent subsidies for working-class households, students and small businesses, broadening the inclusion criteria and increasing the subsidy.

Abolition of ENFIA house tax for working-class households.

Abolition of business tax for self-employed professionals.

Tax-free allowance of 12,000 euros, increased by 3,000 euros for each child.

Cancellation of debts to banks and tax authorities.

We reject the antipopular state budget that brings more inflation, poverty and tax cuts at the expense of the people, who will be called upon to tighten their belts even more so that the crazy profitability of business groups can continue unstopped.

The new budget provides for new tax increases for the people that will exceed €50 billion at the same time as it distributes €14 billion to the business groups. New cuts are coming in Healthcare, Education, Social Security, continuing the criminal policy against our lives and rights.

The power lies in mass organisation and class struggle

With determination, with militancy and uprising in every workplace to make our anger a force of assertion and hope, creating the conditions for the new major nationwide mobilizations in the immediate future.

We call on the collective organs of the trade unions without any delay to start the engines of struggle, with meetings of the Boards, with general assemblies, with multiform action and initiatives to reach every worker, in every office, factory, industry, ship, neighborhood, everywhere. The Regional Trade Union Centres of Attica and all the unions to take decisions for a work stoppage, to flood Athens on Saturday December 17 with our people who are demanding, to put our needs in the forefront.

No Waiting-We Continue with More Determination for A Militant Uprising

In Every Workplace, In Every Sector, In Every Neighborhood

For Increases in Wages, Against the Inflation & Auctioning Off of Homes


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