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GREECE: Enormous Strike Demonstrations all over Greece for the Train Crash

On Wednesday, March 8 thousands of people flooded the streets of the cities all over Greece during the National Strike that was organized demanding NO COVER UP to the crime, the deadly train crash that took place a week before at Tempe, Larissa.

Thousands of workers, young people, students, pupils, men and women gave a voice to our 57 dead, to our brothers, to our friends, to our children.

In Athens, where the demonstration lasted for hours, the Government and the police tried to stop the river of people by shutting down all central metro stations, trying to make access to the city center impossible.

Metro workers were also on strike, but they opened the routes during the demonstrations in an act of support to the thousands of people who wanted to participate in the demonstrations.

As a last effort, police with the assistance of known groups of provocateurs attempted to break the huge demonstration of the workers, but their attempts failed.

In spite the difficulties and the obstacles Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Larissa, Ioannina, Crete were flooded with enormous demonstrations, with size that many of them witnessed for first time. Whole cities where everything was “dead” and the streets were “alive”.

The voice of the people sent a message, loudly “It is not the fault of bad timing nor a human error. It is the fault of your profits that are soaked in blood”.

The only one, NOT on Strike yesterday, was the Greek General Confederation of Labor, GSEE (member of ITUC-CSI in Greece), which stated that they were …too busy to participate in the strike. This way, once again taking the side of the Government and the employers against the people.

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