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GREECE: PAME Call for Solidarity against RIVULIS Industry Firing the President of the Union in Greece

Hands off workers’ Unions! Cancel the Layoff Now!

PAME calls on massive support and solidarity against the firing of the President of the workers’ Union in RIVULIS-EURODRIP Industry.

On January 26 the multinational Rivulis Irrigation Ltd (RIVULIS-EURODRIP in Greece) fired the President of the Workers’ Union, Giorgos Nikolaou in an escalation of its attack against workers rights and their right to union organization.

The Industry RIVULIS-EURODRIP fired the unionist in an attempt to block the union’s militant initiatives for Collective Contract with better wages and conditions for the workers and also to intimidate and frighten the workers in the factory.

The workers’ Union, with the solidarity and support from workers and unions of many sectors immediately organized a series of protests and actions with a massive strike, with hundreds of workers on Monday, January 30.


During the strike the management of Rivulis escalated the intimidations and filed a lawsuit against the unions with the police arresting a unionist from the Regional Union and a worker of the company. Against the intimidating tactics of the company and the police the factory did not work for 24 hours and the workers massively expressed their solidarity with their union and their president demanding the cancelation of the layoff. The multinational continued its intimidation and anti-union action with new firing of a militant worker 2 days later.

Against this attack the Union and the workers plan new initiatives in the next days with great solidarity expressed from hundreds of unions from all sectors from all over Greece to block this attack against workers’ unions and cancel the layoffs.

PAME calls on the Unions to show their internationalist support and solidarity against the firing of the President of the workers’ Union in RIVULIS-EURODRIP Industry and the attacks against workers’ rights.

The Israeli based Rivulis Irrigation Ltd, is a multinational corporation with factories with thousands of workers in Greece, France, Spain, Turkey, Chile, India, Mexico, Latin America, Australia and more.


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