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GREECE: PAME Denounces the New Murderous Pogrom of Israel Against the Palestinian People.

STOP the new Barbarity of Israel

PAME denounces the new murderous pogrom of Israel against the Palestinian people.

The murderer-state of Israel, under the pretext of “counter-terrorism” is carrying out a huge military operation in Palestine, focusing on the Jenin refugee camp, where some 18,000 Palestinians live, resulting in dozens of dead and wounded and 3,000 people already having fled.

We denounce the dirty role of the US-NATO-EU-Governments, who “wash their hands” of the crime and talk about the “right of self-defence” of the Israeli occupying forces.

We denounce the unacceptable position of the servant of the imperialists of the ITUC, which, acting as a “laundry “, turns the killing of Palestinians by the Israelis into “events in the Palestinian city of Jenin, where a major Israeli military operation is underway, with reports of ten deaths”.

PAME stands by the heroic people of Palestine and their right to defend their country against foreign occupation with all necessary means. They are not terrorists, the peoples who are fighting for their present and future!


We demand:

STOP the military operation in Jenin, as well as end of the Israeli occupation.

The creation of a single independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders, with the people to decide for their present and future.

The right of return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the relevant UN resolutions.

The immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.



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