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GREECE: PAME Solidarity Statement with the Workers & Peoples Affected By Earthquake in Turkey

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PAME stands by our brothers and sisters, the workers and the peoples of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and all the neighboring countries affected by the massive earthquake in the morning of Monday, 6 February.

We are shocked to see the images, especially from the region at the epicentre of the earthquake, where once again natural phenomena have victimised the poor people.

Since the first hours of the earthquake PAME has been in contact with the trade unions of Turkey, Syria and other affected regions.  PAME, sending a message of fraternity and solidarity, conveyed the readiness of the class trade unions of Greece to support in every possible way their colleagues in the affected areas. We have the bitter experience from the great tragedies and natural disasters in Greece. Disasters but where the solidarity, organisation and action of the trade unions and the people were a shield of protection and effective help to the victims of the disasters. Action that proved that only the peoples save the people.

We call on all trade unions, federations, Regional Trade Union Centres in Greece to express support and solidarity with the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

In the coming hours PAME will publish specific information about the organization of material aid, items and delivery points.


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