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GREECE: PAME Statement for the Enormous Strike on March 8: PEOPLE’s WRATH

The sea of people who flooded the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa and every other city in the country shouted “IT WAS A PREDICTED CRIME”.

The working people and the youth, the pupils and students with their pulse, turned the grief and anger into a struggle, into a voice, became the voice of the dead and sent the government propaganda to the trash.

The images of today’s magnificent demonstrations can neither be hidden nor overshadowed by the organized government provocative plan to break up the Athens demonstration.

The strike took place against the organised attempt to cover up the murderous crime in Tempe, against the employer’s intimidation tactics in the workplaces, against the measures of repression and intimidation of the people and despite the absence of the pitiful leadership of the GSEE, which the trade unions have long since overcome.


We demand the life we deserve, a life with modern rights, a better future for ourselves and our children.

This crime will not be covered up.

The current government, the previous government, the parties that ruled and are implementing policies that leave behind hundreds of dead, have already been condemned in the minds of the people and the youth. They are guilty! Their hypocritical fake tears move no one.

We move forward, with more determination.

This is not the time of silence, it is the time of voice and demand!

We continue with a new, big rally of the Unions on Sunday 12 March in front of the Parliament

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