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GREECE: PAME Statement on ETUC Attempts to Co-opt General Strike

On November 9 a General Strike took place in Greece. A strike that was decided, was prepared and succeeded thanks to the action of the militant trade unions of Greece. It was one of the most massive and successful strikes of recent years. In this strike the class unions of Greece had the massive support and solidarity of militant unions from all over the world and at the central Strike Rally of PAME in Athens attended the entire Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions-WFTU/FSM, expressing its solidarity in practice.

This huge strike rally of the class unions of Greece, of PAME with the presence of the WFTU, the European Trade Union Confederation-ETUC attempts to present it on the internet as an action of its own forces.

We note that the ETUC and ITUC in 2019 published a slanderous letter against PAME and the class trade unions in Greece speaking of “violent, Stalinist minorities,” “the minority group PAME”.

This minority group, these unions, federations and Regional Trade Unions of Greece organised one of the biggest strike actions in Greece in recent years and this action is what the liars, slanderers, bureaucrats of Brussels and servants of the monopolies want to exploit.

This attitude is not only in Greece, as recently the forces of the ETUC, such as the President of the CFDT in France attacked and slandered the great strike of the refinery workers. They are enemies of the workers’ struggles!

The ETUC-ITUC are servants of the USA-EU and the business groups.

For years these forces accepted and co-signed the anti-worker measures in Greece and Europe, supported the anti-worker memoranda, the wage cuts.

And when they cannot prevent workers’ mobilizations they attempt to hijack the great workers’ struggles to create a “militant” profile.

The workers of Greece know you well

No more with your lies!

The “minority” group PAME

PS We attach the post of ETUC and here we have link photos of PAME’s rally


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