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GREECE: PAME To Hold Solidarity Event with the Great Struggle of the Workers of France

PAME expresses its solidarity with the working class of France that continues its great struggle.

The workers and trade unions of France continue their months-long struggle with more than 10 Days of General Strikes since January, while every day they organize multiform actions and mobilisations in a number of sectors that have blocked requisitions, repression and slander of the government-employers.

The workers of France have shown with their struggle the enormous power of the working class, of organised, collective, mass struggle. That is why the workers of the whole world stand by their side. That is why their struggle is also our struggle.

In the context of constant, practical solidarity with the great struggles of the workers of France, PAME, All-Workers’ Militant Front will host a big event of solidarity with the great strike struggles of the workers of France on Saturday, 29 April, at 18:30 at the Piraeus Regional Trade Union Center.

The event will be attended by delegations of trade unionists from France and speakers: Olivier Mateu, General Secretary of UD CGT 13, Markos Bekris, President of the Piraeus Regional Trade Union Center, Matthieu Bolle-Reddat, General Secretary of the CGT Cheminots Versailles Railway Workers’ Union and Yannis Tasioulas, President of the National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece!

The trade unionists from France will also participate in PAME’s big May Day rally in Athens, at 11.00am at Syntagma.

Solidarity with the Workers of France!


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