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GREECE: Short Report on Deadly Train Crash

On Tuesday, February 28 near midnight, a deadly train crash occurred near the city of Larissa, in central Greece. Dozens were killed and more were injured. Most of the victims were young people, students, returning from their holidays.

The accident took place 5 years after the privatization of Greek Railways and after years of underfunding and understaffing, which escalated after the privatization.

Only 3 weeks ago PAME unionists in the Greek Railways warned about the continuous accidents occurring alerting for the dangers.

On Wednesday, March 1, big silent protests took place in Larissa, Athens, Thessaloniki by Students Unions under the slogan “Our dead, Their Profits”.  Riot police was used against the peaceful protests of the students.

Also the trade unions called for massive participation to the emergency blood donations organized for the many victims, with thousands of people waiting in line in Larissa and other cities, so as to donate blood.

Videos from demonstrations can be found below:


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