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GREECE: Statement of the Unionists of PAME in Greek Railways for the Railway Accidents on FEBRUARY 7, 2023


Two more accidents in the past few days have been added to the long list with Train routes 51 and 61 respectively, putting in immediate danger both the driver and the passengers.

As long as no protective measures are taken in the workplaces and for the safe operation and circulation of trains, there is no end to the accidents.

It is now outrageous that these are an almost daily occurrence and that no substantial measures are taken, no improvements are made to the infrastructure and operation, no checks are made on the parties involved and no responsibilities are sought.

Like the previous Governments, the current one has other priorities and not the safe movement of citizens. They see safety as a cost.

The Ministry finds money for the various contractors, but to finally complete the railway infrastructure and safe traffic systems NO !  “they have time….sometime they will be finished.”

The RAS selectively intervenes, leaving extensive gaps and serious deficiencies unaddressed.

Various agencies, OSE and HELLENIC TRAIN blame each other, but in the end no one is to blame….. It is the fault of the phenomena that are intense and flood the line, it is the fault of the fires that left burnt logs, it is the fault of the snow, it is the fault of others, it is a little bit our fault and it is the fault of someone else!!!!


We won’t wait for the accident to come to see them shedding false tears making statements.

The Unions on the Railroad and the Federation must not tolerate this dangerous situation any longer. What else are they waiting for to intervene? What else has to happen?

Safety issues must be put on the front line. They need to be at the centre of workplace assemblies.

Workers need to judge politically and union-wise those who are responsible and continue to whistle indifferently at those who are indifferent to what is happening. They should judge those political commissars and union representatives who underestimate and are indifferent to all those factors that when crossed create daily accidents.


Immediate recruitment in OSE and HELLENIC TRAIN of permanent staff with structured rights to cover the very large and serious shortages in all specialties. Appropriate specialisation and certification of staff.

Training programmes for all workers in the safe way of carrying out the work.

Completion of infrastructure and safe operation of the railway network.

Proper maintenance and repair of rolling stock and track.

Maintenance, repair and modernisation of all technical equipment and all facilities for safe working.

Measures to ensure the safe movement of trains, particularly when passing through residential areas.

Provide all personal protective equipment.

A Safety Technician and an Occupational Physician in each complex.


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