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GREECE: Union of Dockers of COSCO in Piraeus Solidarity with Hamburg Dockers


We denounce the policies aiming to privatize the port of Hamburg and we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting for their working rights

The privatization of the port by the monopoly behemoth MSC, along with the investment of the monopoly of COSCO group in the same port, has only one goal, the increase of their profits against the interests and the needs of the dockworkers, but also of thousands of workers who depend on the work around the port.

We COSCO dockers at the port of Piraeus know very well what it means for big monopolies to steal our sweat. In the port of Piraeus, respectively, the same monopolies are active, COSCO, which owns the majority stake in the port, and MSC, which has a privileged contract for Pier I of the port. We know much more and we are living the result of these ‘big’ investments, which was the destruction of labour relations, flexibilization of working hours, intensification of work and crippled bodies and, on the other hand, huge profits for the employers.

Brother dockers of Hamburg, our own strike struggles in the port of Piraeus, against these monopolies, proved that there is no invincible enemy when dockers decide to take matters into their own hands.

These struggles were reinforced by the wave of solidarity from thousands of workers and dockers’ brothers and sisters from a number of countries. For with the weapon of solidarity we can break down every barrier and stand up for our own demands.

The struggles in a number of major ports prove that there are no “good” and “healthy” investments by monopolies whose only aim is more and more immense profits. They are deeply deluded, those who think that they can stop a workers’ river that is swelling daily the anger of workers who are currently groaning from the huge inflation, the great deadlocks throughout Europe, at the same time as governments are involving our countries in the war being waged in Ukraine

We express our solidarity. Intimidation and false dilemmas will not pass. We will win.

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