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HAITI: CATH Birthday Greetings to the CTC of Cuba

The General Secretariat of the Autonomous Centre of Haitian Workers (CATH), a Trade Union Center of Class Struggle independent of the government as well as NGOs, sends its warmest greetings to the CTC of Cuba. The CATH takes this opportunity to express its Happy Birthday wishes to this Trade Union Centre, which has fully embraced the great ideals of the immortal Commander Fidel, an indisputable figure of the Cuban Revolution and also for the emancipation of the World Class-Oriented Trade Union Movement. The CATH, in addition to having been a witness, remains convinced that the whole world has recognized that during the 84 years of its existence, the CTC has always made the Defense of the Rights of Workers and the Cuban People against the capitalist system and world imperialism, its major objectives. Thus, we, the Haitians, consider the Cubans as a Brother People as well as a Sister Nation united by a common destiny which is the common struggle against a common enemy, in this case the capitalist and imperialist system. That is why the CATH and the Haitian People have always been, are and will always be at your side, until the final victory.

Long live the CTC,
long live Cuba,
Long live the International Class-Oriented Trade Union Movement,
Long live the WFTU.

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