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HAITI: CATH Note of Solidarity with the Struggle of the CGTP and the Peruvian People

The General Secretariat of the Autonomous Centre of Haitian Workers (CATH) and the Haitian People bring their full support to the struggle of the Workers and the Peruvian People, victims of savage repression, following the recent coup d’état orchestrated against the democratic institutions of Peru, in favor of the retrograde capitalist system through their local and foreign lackeys. The CATH says No to any form of coup d’état against the workers and the Peruvian people. The CATH condemns once again with vehemence, the Coup d’Etat as well as the violent repression that the Workers and the Masses of the People of Peru are undergoing, by the military and the police in the pay of the capitalist system. The CATH encourages the regional and international Classist Labor Movement to stand up and join the CGTP and the Peruvian People in their struggle for democracy and the right to self-determination.

The CATH asks the WFTU to transmit the Solidarity of HAITI to the CGTP and the Peruvian people.

Long live Democracy in Peru,
Long live the International Classist Workers’ Movement,
Down with the capitalist and imperialist system.

Frignolé ST. CYR
General Secretary


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