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HAITI: CATH Update on the Situation in Haiti

The Autonomous Center of Haitian Workers (CATH), in the name of the Haitian population in general, and of the workers in particular, denounces with the greatest rigor Prime Minister Ariel and his anti-popular policies while telling him “NATO NATO NATO”. “It is high time to stop with your multiple dishonest actions that are causing irreparable damage to the country and to the workers. This is what the CATH urges you to do, Minister Ariel.

Once again, the CATH believes it is appropriate and even essential to launch a vibrant cry of alarm to denounce before national and international opinion the casualness with which the country is managed while stubbornly leading it straight to the abyss of generalized chaos. The CATH, as a Class Union believes that it is its duty to call Ariel to tell him “No No No.” We believe that it is time to stop all these ill-considered decisions that his government has adopted and which aim to plunge the country further into the abyss of absolute despair. However, he pretends to ignore the subhuman conditions of existence of the workers and the vulnerable layers of the population who do not even have the minimum subsistence.

Despite three months of intense popular mobilizations to denounce the high cost of living, the prevailing insecurity, the revolting misery, and the imminent landing of the putrid boots of the occupier to once again sully the sovereignty of this sacred land that Papa Desalin left us as a result of his great feats of arms, Ariel continues to play deaf, blind, and mute, and spectacularly denies all of these claims, even though they are notoriously legitimate.

In fact, the CATH believes that the workers and the country should not expect anything better from a government of ignominious lackeys, willing servants of the neo-colonialist countries of the savage capitalist system, in collusion with imperialism, which is as criminal as it gets, just to hold on to power and benefit from the many privileges associated with their position. More than three months since the whole country is facing a severe fuel shortage intentionally provoked just to satisfy the whims of the International Community (IMF), paralyzing all economic activities, Ariel doesn’t care.

For three months, the school has not been able to reopen its doors, Ariel doesn’t care. For more than a year, people have been dying all day long, all victims of villainous assassinations by the ruthless henchmen in the pay of the government. Workers can no longer go into work because of the generalized insecurity, Ariel does not care. Not a day goes by without bandits and kidnappers bringing terror to the country by murdering, kidnapping and raping women and girls, Ariel doesn’t care.

And yet, ironically, at the same time, this much maligned government is wading day and night in the stinking pool of large-scale corruption. In the face of so many abuses that revolt all consciences, the CATH wishes to remind Ariel and his de facto government that it does not have the constitutional legitimacy that would have authorized him to hypothecate the future of an entire nation, because it is the fruit of heroic blood sacrifices made by our ancestors. This is how the decisive battle of Vertières, traditionally celebrated on November 18 of each year, is remembered. It is absolutely true that Mr. Ariel, for a long time lost in his malignant senility, no longer has the lucidity to be able to face the evidence of the immense damage caused to the country.

“Mr. Ariel, despite the fact that you are well aware that members of your government are on the list of Gang Financiers, Drug Barons and Arms Traffickers, you continue to sink into your hypertrophied burrowing. In case you have any remnants of personality left, the CATH urges you to bow out without further ado. The CATH asks you how you feel while the whole country as well as your international political guardians are aware that some members of your government are in collusion with the gangs while you enjoy denying that your bosses ruthlessly engage in the exploitation of workers.

Faced with this untenable situation, the CATH asks the workers and the people to hold high the torch of mobilization to continue to denounce the high cost of living, insecurity, acts of kidnapping for ransom, as well as any form of occupation disguised to defile the sovereignty of the sacred land of Desalin. The CATH urges Ariel, instead of continuing to take advantage of taxpayers’ money for personal gain, to leave the place to a team capable of directing the state towards the creation of security and social conditions essential to the reopening of classes.

The CATH tells you Ariel, instead of continuing to squander money, it would be preferable that the State be managed by a team capable of allocating a subsidy of Fifty Thousand (50,000.00) Gourdes, the equivalent of USD 375 to each male and female worker in the textile sector who has just spent more than 3 months without being able to go to work. Also, CATH asks the state authorities who will soon replace Ariel to provide a substantial subsidy to the most vulnerable mothers and fathers to help them meet the needs of their children during the holiday season.

Down with any de facto government of corrupt bourgeoisie,
Down with any form of disguised occupation,
Down with all imperialist and capitalist inhuman neoliberal policies,
Long live the Workers’ struggle,
Long live the class struggle,
Long live WFTU, Long live AYITI.

For the Secretariat
Fignole ST-CYR
General Secretary


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